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   Are you feeling anxious and/or depressed and unsure why?

Do you feel plagued by constant negative thoughts?

Do you want to break a pattern of unhelpful behaviours or addictions?

Have you experienced trauma that you find you cannot overcome?


Unsure if counselling is right for you? 

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What to expect in your counselling sessions with Sarah Strachan:

Sarah works with people from all walks of life to help them gain greater clarity into their suffering, their strengths, and their weaknesses. This journey of self-knowledge can give you the keys to profound growth, allowing you to experience wonderful changes in your life! Much learning occurs during the counselling process - but like any learning, it must be practised in order to affect change in the long-term. That is why regularly coming along to sessions is so necessary. Though Sarah works with all ages groups, she does specialise in childrenadolescents and youth.

Sarah's therapeutic style has been influenced by tools such as:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) - a therapeutic technique that allows clients to challenge negative and inaccurate thinking. An example of this would be a deep-seated belief "I am stupid" - CBT seeks to challenge such beliefs and allow for more realistic views of oneself and the world.

​Acceptance and Commitment Therapy - focussing on accepting what one cannot change, whilst also committing to personal growth that IS possible.

Motivational Interviewing - encouraging clients to believe in themselves and seek change e.g. giving up an addiction.

Warm Positive Regard - Psychotherapist Carl Rogers allowed his clients to direct the flow of the session, believing the client is self-healing and knows deep down what is best for their own self, and that this should be respected by the counsellor.

Mindfulness and Meditation - Sarah teaches this to those that want to slow down, stress less, and appreciate the small things in life.

Creative Therapies

Do you often find it hard to find the words for what you are feeling?

Are you interested in trying music therapy and art activities as part of a counselling service?

Because music and art activities are creative and hands-on, participating in them allows you to use areas of the brain that may be different from those used through talking. Thus problems can be faced from a different angle, using symbols and sounds to represent how you feel or how you see yourself in your situation. Creative therapies may be especially useful for children and adolescents, who can find it particularly hard to verbalise their concerns.

Some simple examples may include:

  • drawing images of how you see yourself, your difficulties and your strengths
  • improvising with drums and keyboards for self-expression (please note - such activities require NO FORMAL TRAINING OR SKILL)
  • songwriting for self-expression (again, NO SKILLS REQUIRED)
  • partaking in a guided meditation, using your imagination to lead you to answers already within you

​After such activities, counselling then becomes a way of making verbal sense of what is troubling you - using your creations as a basis for discussion.


Per Session: $75

6 week package: $450 (save $50)

3 month package: $820 (save $80)

Sarah counsels from Upwey and Boronia, in the South-Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.


Call Sarah today if you are ready to create new and liberating changes in your life!